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Community Health Innovation

Center for Community Health and Vitality (CCHV)

The Center for Community Health and Vitality systematically addresses personal and community health in neighborhoods. The Center engages with individuals and organizations to build collaborative relationships in communities serviced by the medical center.

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The Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO-Chicago) is an innovative model to train community-based providers to deliver state-of-the-art care for common, chronic diseases in vulnerable, under-served communities.  ECHO is built on the premise that 1) technology can be used to leverage scarce resources; 2) case-based, iterative learning is the most effective way to improve clinical practice; and 3) knowledge transfer can improve the quality care in community health centers.  Using advanced communication technologies ECHO bridges the gap between disease specialists at academic medical centers and providers who deliver comprehensive, culturally relevant, care at neighborhood-based health centers. The approach is case-based and iterative, similar to clinical rounds, the most prevalent model in clinical education.

Developed to serve rural populations by the University of New Mexico, the UHI is the first to implement ECHO in an urban environment.  Using ECHO, specialists at the University of Chicago Medicine regularly engage in teleconferences with primary care physicians in the community, including at South Side Healthcare Collaborative health centers, to train them in the diagnosis, treatment and management of complex medical conditions that afflict residents of the South Side of Chicago.

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Medical Home And Specialty Care Connection Program

Patient advocate with patient
Patient advocates work directly with emergency room and admitted patients to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time and place. Patient advocates encourage patients to attend their follow-up appointments and develop relationships with the primary and specialty care doctors.

Through the Medical Home and Specialty Care Connection Program, patient advocates share information with patients about the importance of developing and maintaining a relationship with their primary and specialty care providers. UChicago Medicine employs patient advocates who are dedicated to scheduling follow up appointments for patients prior to them leaving the hospital.


Access Community Health Network (ACCESS) Grand Boulevard Health and Specialty Center

Through this partnership with one of the nation’s largest community health systems, UChicago Medicine faculty provide specialty care at one of the ACCESS sites on the South Side of Chicago.


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