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Center for Care and Discovery

The Center for Care and Discovery serves as the core of the University of Chicago Medicine campus. The state-of-the-art hospital provides a home for specialty care with a focus on cancer, gastrointestinal disease, neuroscience, advanced surgery and high-tech medical imaging.

The CCD benefits current and future generations of patients from the South Side, the greater Chicago area and around the world. As one of the largest buildings on campus, it has capacity to rapidly adjust to our facility needs and to the changes in technology and medicine for decades to come. The futuristic design is spacious and easy to navigate, fostering collaboration among clinicians and staff to actively engage our patients and families in their care. Dedicated to patient safety, service and clinical quality, the CCD allows us to continue to expand services, attract the best doctors, and offer world-class healthcare to our patients.

“This building offers a tremendous opportunity to transform how we care for patients, from innovative technology that delivers the most advanced clinical treatments and improves safety, to amenities that offer a superior healing environment,” - Sharon O’Keefe, president of the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Patient Room in the Center for Care & Discovery, UChicago Medicine

For Patients

The CCD serves as a catalyst to transforming the patient care experience. It was designed for family-centered care and improved communication among all members of the patient’s care team. All inpatient rooms are single occupancy and spacious enough to accommodate family for overnight stays.

The patient rooms are located on the perimeter of the building for greater privacy. Warm ginger and maple tones give patient rooms a residential feel. Large windows provide spectacular views of the University of Chicago campus and the Chicago skyline.

Each room has a flat-screen TV, a reading light and dual-layer window coverings that include a blackout layer to darken the room so everyone can sleep better. Thanks to a state-of-the-art paging system that does not rely on overhead announcements, rooms are quieter for patient and their families. Other amenities include wireless internet and room service.

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Sky Lobby in the Center for Care & Discovery

Sky Lobby

The hospital's novel design extends to public spaces. Known as the sky lobby, the main lobby is located on seventh floor and separates the building into two components. It features floor to ceiling glass walls, filling the space with natural light and providing panoramic views of the campus and downtown Chicago. Other features include:

  • Central reception
  • Family waiting areas
  • Chapel
  • Food Court

For the Future of Medicine

The discoveries and technological breakthroughs in advanced medicine - demonstrating its power to save and extend human life - is one of the great stories of modern science. Yet, the best chapters of this story have yet to be written. At the forefront of this next wave of breakthroughs are visionary University of Chicago scientists and practitioners with a talent for bold thinking. The Center for Care and Discovery creates unprecedented opportunities for researchers and medical professionals to collaborate in the exploration of biological systems. The facility's flexible and adaptable design can transform itself as rapidly as the ever-changing innovations in patient care and clinical research.

Center for Care & Discovery Operating Room, UChicago Medicine

Training the Next Leaders in Medicine, Surgery and Research

The students and residents trained in the CCD's fast-paced, digitally connected environment learn a new, highly dynamic way of practicing medicine. Their patients will be among the first in the world to benefit from their innovations. Through the careers they forge, their impact will be felt well beyond the University of Chicago.

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