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Fact Sheet: Pritzker School of Medicine

The Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago is a private professional school within the University's academic Division of the Biological Sciences (BSD).

From the beginning, the medical school has benefited from its relationship with the University as a part of the BSD. This relationship offers opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration between the basic sciences and clinical staff, and for faculty to teach in both the division and the medical school. Moreover, the medical school is an integral part of the University as it is set physically with the BSD. This provides both students and faculty with easy access to the rest of the campus and its programs of study. This is not the case at many other institutions, where the medical school is sometimes separated, often by miles, from the university proper.

Corner stone for the Pritzker School of Medicine

The University of Chicago's School of Medicine matriculated its first class in 1927. To recognize the generous support extended to the medical school from the Pritzker family of Chicago, in 1968 the medical school was named the Pritzker School of Medicine.

Our students are, without a doubt, the aspect of our program of which we are most proud. Pritzker students are an extraordinary group. They all share a passion for learning across disciplinary lines, a commitment to service, and a dedication to excellence in all their pursuits.