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University of Chicago Medicine Clears Regulatory Hurdles for New Projects

The University of Chicago Medicine received state approval to build out two shelled floors of the Center for Care and Discovery and to develop a new outpatient facility in Orland Park.

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Making Beautiful Music: Drug Regimen Relieves Parkinson's Symptoms

With her tremor and other debilitating symptoms effectively controlled, Jean Martinez's hands are once again steady enough to play guitar with her husband.

mesothelioma patient Tim Nelson

Cancer Team Follows Through for Golf Pro

Golf coach Tim Nelson is breathing easier today, despite a diagnosis of the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma almost two years ago. "I keep feeling better and better since the surgery," Nelson said.

Josie Nordman and horse

Living Life to the Fullest

Josie Nordman, who was born with cystic fibrosis, received a bilateral lung transplant at the University of Chicago Medicine. "To have the chance to really live and breathe and do things I always wanted to do has been incredible," she said.

Louis de Guzman Portugal, MD, Amanda Ruiz, Jonas de Souza, MD

One Cancer, Two Lives at Stake

Amanda Ruiz learned she had head and neck cancer when she was 18 weeks pregnant. Her multidisciplinary medical team successfully treated the cancer and she delivered a healthy baby girl.

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Community Benefit Report

Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine provided 21.7 percent, or $254.1 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to promote health and well-being on the South Side and beyond. Read the 2012 Community Benefit Report and read our latest statement on trauma care.

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What are the most common marathon training injuries?

We spoke to sports medicine specialist Ryan Hudson, MD, recently about the most common injuries facing runners preparing for a marathon, how to prevent them, and how to tell if it’s something serious, or something you can push through for the big race.


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VIDEO: First Study to Explore Link Between Muslim Faith and Cervical Cancer Screening

For most American women, a regular Pap screening for cervical cancer is an essential part of routine health care. But a recent study by Dr. Aasim Padela examines the impact religious beliefs and values have on how Muslim women approach cancer screening.