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The University of Chicago Capital Campaign

This ambitious campaign will support faculty and researchers who are shaping fields of inquiry, and will provide resources for scientists, physicians and students to ask and answer questions that are among the most challenging in medicine.

Lamb Moore and Hemal Nayak, MD

Clinical Trial Tests Tiny Experimental Pacemaker That Does Not Require Surgery

The miniature device is being studied to see if it may streamline care for those with a slow heart rate.


Advice from the Experts

University of Chicago Medicine physician scientists discuss what you should know about the Ebola virus.

Marc Chelap

When Facing a Lung Transplant, Failure Is Not an Option

Marc Chelap's can-do attitude helped him get in the best possible condition for double lung transplant surgery. Today, Chelap is breathing easy with his new lungs.

Elizabeth Woodcock

On the Mend from Biliary Atresia

Soon after she was born, Elizabeth Woodcock was diagnosed with a chronic and progressive liver disease. After surgeons at Comer Children's Hospital removed her damaged bile ducts, Elizabeth was taken off the liver transplant list.

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Community Benefit Report

2013 Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine contributed 22.5 percent, or $283 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to improve the health of the South Side and beyond. » Read the 2013 Community Benefit Report

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How does the Ebola virus spread?

Hospital epidemiologist Emily Landon, MD, discusses the ways Ebola is transmitted and how that plays into deliberations about how to handle any possible case that presents to a U.S. hospital.


Highly effective new anti-cancer drug shows few side effects in mice

The new drug, developed with the help of Yusuke Nakamura and his lab, inhibits the action of a protein that is overproduced by several tumor types, including lung and breast.