Bonnie Fulgham and Sandra Valaitis, MD

Team of Pelvic Surgery Experts Helps Woman Reclaim Her Health

Upon reviewing Bonnie Fulgham's medical history, urogynecologist Sandra Valaitis, MD, assured her that our team could help. Fulgham endured a complicated surgical treatment process and emerged with an inspiring testimony.


A New Life, A Good Life

When heart failure patient Roy Sammons went into his third cardiac arrest, he and his family feared it was the end. Now, after receiving a left ventricular assist device at the University of Chicago Medicine, Sammons has a new chance at life.

Robert Grossman, PhD

University of Chicago to Establish Genetic Data Commons

First-of-its-kind facility expands access to large-scale cancer genomic data for scientists

Erika Kielhorn Hefke

Active Again After Crohn's Disease and Colon Cancer

Erika Kielhorn Hefke was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease at age 15. Over the years, experts at the University of Chicago have tailored Hefke's treatment to meet her unique and evolving needs.

Inquiry and Impact

The University of Chicago Capital Campaign

This ambitious campaign will support faculty and researchers who are shaping fields of inquiry, and will provide resources for scientists, physicians and students to ask and answer questions that are among the most challenging in medicine.

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Community Benefit Report

2013 Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine contributed 22.5 percent, or $283 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to improve the health of the South Side and beyond. » Read the 2013 Community Benefit Report

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Immune system unleashed: Immunotherapy shows promise for some of the toughest cancers

What if our immune system could be mobilized to attack a tumor in the same way it fights the common cold or fends off an infection? Cancer experts at UChicago are leading the way in unleashing the body's ability to fight back.


Early trial of new drug shows promise for patients with triple-negative breast cancer

Early results of a clinical trial by Dr. Rita Nanda show that nearly 20% of patients with triple-negative breast cancer--which currently has no targeted treatments--respond to a drug called pembrolizumab.