Mya Ludlow 10th birthday

Comer Children's Hospital Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Thanks to expert care at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, Mya Ludlow is celebrating her 10th birthday in 2015. Learn more about the impact of our first decade.

Jennifer Zinga and family

Rare Surgical Technique Enables Healthy Pregnancy After Cervical Cancer

When cervical cancer threatened Jennifer Zinga's dream of having three children, she was devastated -- but she wasn't ready to give up hope.

heart and vascular group shot

University of Chicago Medicine Opens Heart and Vascular Center

The new Heart and Vascular Center combines expertise from cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery to enhance care coordination and improve patient experience.

Bonnie Fulgham and Sandra Valaitis, MD

Team of Pelvic Surgery Experts Helps Woman Reclaim Her Health

Upon reviewing Bonnie Fulgham's medical history, urogynecologist Sandra Valaitis, MD, assured her that our team could help. Fulgham endured a complicated surgical treatment process and emerged with an inspiring testimony.

Inquiry and Impact

The University of Chicago Capital Campaign

This ambitious campaign will support faculty and researchers who are shaping fields of inquiry, and will provide resources for scientists, physicians and students to ask and answer questions that are among the most challenging in medicine.

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The University of Chicago Medicine Center for Care and Discovery

Community Benefit Report

2013 Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine contributed 22.5 percent, or $283 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to improve the health of the South Side and beyond. » Read the 2013 Community Benefit Report

Science Life RSS

New study helps explain links between sleep loss and diabetes

Lack of sleep can elevate levels of fatty acids in the blood, leading to temporary pre-diabetic conditions in otherwise healthy young men, according to new research by UChicago sleep expert Esra Tasali, MD.


Seasonal flu vaccine induces antibodies that protect against H7N9 avian flu

A new study co-led by Patrick Wilson, PhD, associate professor of medicine, identifies antibodies that neutralize H7N9 avian flu and other influenza strains. Where did they find these antibodies? From individuals with seasonal flu vaccinations.