Daniela Lakosilova

Two-in-One Stem Cell Transplant

When Daniela's leukemia relapsed, she had an innovative procedure that pairs half-match stem cells with umbilical cord blood. She's now a healthy college freshman.

Celebrity chef Graham Elliot's 130-pound weight loss after bariatric surgery

Celebrity Chef Reshapes His Connection with Food and Health

At almost 400 pounds, star chef Graham Elliot's health concerns were serious and escalating. Just months after weight loss surgery, he's 130 pounds lighter with a radically healthier outlook.

Parkinson's disease patient Cheng Xiu Xu playing ping-pong

Bouncing Back with DBS

Deep brain stimulation helped Cheng Xiu Xu regain control of her debilitating Parkinson's disease symptoms. Just two days after surgery, Xu was well enough to return to her daily ping-pong games.

Prof. Neil Shubin

'Your Inner Fish' Takes to the Screen

Prof. Neil Shubin explains that human body parts, talents, ailments and biological puzzles have origins in the genes and body plans of our animal relatives.

Daniel P. Mass, MD, and the Kobek family

Orthopaedic Care a Family Affair

Three generations of the Kobek family travel from Indiana to UChicago Medicine for surgery to treat complex fractures. While their medical journey has been challenging, the Kobeks praise their doctor and the hospital staff for providing excellent care.

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Community Benefit Report

Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine provided 21.7 percent, or $254.1 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to promote health and well-being on the South Side and beyond. Read the 2012 Community Benefit Report

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Federal Report Offers Good News for People Living With Diabetes

A large federal study shows significant progress over the past two decades against serious complications from diabetes.


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Susan Cohn, MD, Named New Dean for Clinical Research

Pediatric oncologist and the leading authority on neuroblastoma Susan Cohn, MD, has been named dean for Clinical Research at the University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences.