Chase Payne

Hip Preservation Surgery Keeps Young Athlete in the Game

High school baseball player, Chase Payne, could barely walk due to a debilitating hip condition. Arthroscopic surgery to repair, reshape and preserve his hip joint got him back on the field.

Greg Klawitter, lung cancer survivor

Life After Lung Cancer: Biking, Golfing and Days at the Beach

Thirteen years ago, Greg Klawitter underwent surgery for lung cancer at the University of Chicago Medicine.Today, the retired Chicago police officer is enjoying an active retirement.

Inquiry and Impact

The University of Chicago Capital Campaign

This ambitious campaign will support faculty and researchers who are shaping fields of inquiry, and will provide resources for scientists, physicians and students to ask and answer questions that are among the most challenging in medicine.

Lamb Moore and Hemal Nayak, MD

Clinical Trial Tests Tiny Experimental Pacemaker That Does Not Require Surgery

The miniature device is being studied to see if it may streamline care for those with a slow heart rate.


Advice from the Experts

University of Chicago Medicine physician scientists discuss what you should know about the Ebola virus.

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The University of Chicago Medicine Center for Care and Discovery

Community Benefit Report

2013 Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine contributed 22.5 percent, or $283 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to improve the health of the South Side and beyond. » Read the 2013 Community Benefit Report

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How has UChicago's response to Ebola benefited from its biosafety programs?

We spoke to Joseph Kanabrocki, VP for research safety, about how UChicago's Ricketts Laboratory for studying dangerous pathogens gives it a big advantage when it comes to Ebola preparedness.


How not to tear your ACL when celebrating

J. Martin Leland, MD, Orthopedic Sports Surgeon, explains the best way for athletes caught up in excessive celebration to avoid season-ending ACL injuries.