James Bell with docs

Beating Back the Widow Maker

James Bell had to be resuscitated several times after a blocked artery triggered a heart attack. The quick, coordinated efforts by emergency staff and interventional cardiologists opened Bell's artery and helped him return to a normal life.

Sara Llibre

Triathlete Regains Her Stride with Minimally Invasive Hip Procedure

Sara Llibre is back to running and competing in Ironman competitions after having hip preservation surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Inquiry and Impact

The University of Chicago Capital Campaign

This ambitious campaign will support faculty and researchers who are shaping fields of inquiry, and will provide resources for scientists, physicians and students to ask and answer questions that are among the most challenging in medicine.

Mya Ludlow 10th birthday

Comer Children's Hospital Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Thanks to expert care at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, Mya Ludlow is celebrating her 10th birthday in 2015. Learn more about the impact of our first decade.

Bonnie Fulgham and Sandra Valaitis, MD

Team of Pelvic Surgery Experts Helps Woman Reclaim Her Health

Upon reviewing Bonnie Fulgham's medical history, urogynecologist Sandra Valaitis, MD, assured her that our team could help. Fulgham endured a complicated surgical treatment process and emerged with an inspiring testimony.

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The University of Chicago Medicine Center for Care and Discovery

Community Benefit Report

2013 Community Benefit ReportThe University of Chicago Medicine contributed 22.5 percent, or $283 million, of total operating expenses in community benefits and services to improve the health of the South Side and beyond. » Read the 2013 Community Benefit Report

Science Life RSS

Brain Teasers: Cracking the mind's toughest riddles

On April 1st, a panel of University of Chicago neuroscientists will share exciting breakthroughs and provide fascinating insights into our brain, body and behavior at "Brain Teasers: Cracking the Mind's Toughest Riddles," an evening of TED-style talks.


Blood pressure drug protects against symptoms of multiple sclerosis in animal models

Guanabenz, an FDA-approved drug for hypertension, appears to prevent myelin loss and alleviates symptoms of MS by enhancing innate cellular protective response, according to a new study by scientists from the University of Chicago.