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1994 Press Releases

October 21, 1994
Immortalizing agent of tumor cells found in yeast
Researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center have isolated the gene for a component of the elusive molecular machinery that plays a key role in making cancer cells immortal.

October 17, 1994
Boost for bone marrow transplants
By growing billions of infection-fighting white blood cells in the laboratory, University of Chicago researchers hope to reduce the 14-day period when patients are at greatest risk to as little three days.

June 1, 1994
Gene therapy for kidney cancer
Edward Murphy--a 66-year-old Osceola, IN, man who suffers from advanced kidney cancer that has spread throughout his body--became the first patient ever to be treated in the Chicago-area with gene therapy.

January 20, 1994
Aspirin target deciphered
X-ray crystal structure of unusual membrane protein may spell relief for millions who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sexual isolation with a single mutation
A simple genetic change in flies' pheromones may be all that's needed to spin off a new species.