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1996 Press Releases

December 5, 1996
Two long-sought diabetes genes found
Two interacting genes, both unlikely suspects as a cause of adult-onset diabetes, have now been convicted.

September 27, 1996
How birds sing
Researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center have correlated the simple notes and more complex passages of a bird's song to activity in different areas of the brain.

September 1, 1996
New set of probes marks chromosome tips
A transatlantic team of researchers has developed a complete set of DNA probes that can detect deletions or rearrangements at the ends of each human chromosome, where the highest concentration of genes is found.

September 1, 1996
Researchers narrow hunt for diabetes-causing gene
Chicago researchers narrowed the search for a gene that has a major effect on non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, or NIDDM, in Mexican Americans.

August 2, 1996
Protein particles similar to those suspected in "mad cow" disease found in yeast cells
Researchers at the University of Chicago's Howard Hughes Medical Institute have shown that a defective cell trait can be propagated by a faulty protein, without any DNA or RNA serving as the genetic blueprint.