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2001 Press Releases

December 27, 2001
Medical Physicist Lawrence Lanzl, PhD, 1921-2001
An authority on the use of radiation to treat cancer, Lawrence H. Lanzl, PhD, died from complications of cancer on Sunday, December 23, 2001.

December 12, 2001
Saw palmetto can improve symptoms for men with urinary problems
The University of Chicago has joined a strategic collaboration between Ardais Corporation and leading medical institutions to create an integrated repository of research-quality clinical materials, associated information, and bioinformatics tools.

December 12, 2001
Renowned clinical scientist to head medicine and biology at University of Chicago
James L. Madara, one of the nation's foremost academic pathologists, has been named Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine and Vice President for Medical Affairs at the University of Chicago, effective July 1, 2002.

December 3, 2001
The University of Chicago joins national collaboration to expand human disease-based research capability
Mayor Daley joined the CEOs of Boeing and Exelon to honor 11 leading Chicago companies--including UCH--for their successful educational programs.

November 25, 2001
Steroids more effective than antihistamines when used as needed for allergies
University of Chicago researcher report that a molecular mechanism involved in formation of limbs can organize higher functions of the brain.

November 6, 2001
Groundbreaking for University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital set for November 6
Gary C. Comer, founder of the Lands' End clothing-catalogue company, will join with patients, their families and Hospital and University officials to break ground for the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital.

September 20, 2001
A new model of cerebral cortex development
The oral medications most widely used to lower blood-sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes are likely to increase the risk of spasm of the coronary arteries.

August 28, 2001
Psychiatrist Jarl Dyrud, MD, 1921-2001
Jarl E. Dyrud, MD, professor emeritus in the department of psychiatry died at his Hyde Park home on August 26.

August 25, 2001
Human kidney kept alive on machine for 24 hours
For the first time, a human organ, a kidney, has been kept "alive" for almost 24 hours in a device at the University of Chicago Hospitals.

August 22, 2001
Million-dollar grant supports development of statewide program for child-abuse investigations
The State of Illinois has awarded $1 million each year in a multi-year commitment to create MPEEC, a model system for the investigation of child abuse.

August 8, 2001
Diet and exercise dramatically delay type 2 diabetes
Those at high risk for type 2 diabetes can sharply lower their chances of getting the disease with diet and exercise.

July 29, 2001
Picnic for children celebrates cancer survival
Children who had cancer return to the hospitals for a day of fun.

July 18, 2001
Ken Kates appointed vice president and chief operating officer
Kenneth P. Kates has been appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer of the University of Chicago Hospitals and Health System.

July 13, 2001
Mother's drug use increases risks for male offspring
Exposure before birth to methamphetamine renders males much more susceptible to the drug's brain-damaging effects. The increased toxicity could hasten the onset of brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease.

July 10, 2001
New recommendations proposed for safe use of herbal medications by patients having surgery
A new study provides specific recommendations on when to discontinue herbal medications before surgery.

June 29, 2001
Identification of mating genes provides clues to evolution
Newly identified "mating genes" in Arabidopsis provide a powerful tool for understanding of the interactions that foster self-recognition and the evolution of new species.

June 22, 2001
University of Chicago's David Faxon to become president of American Heart Association July 1
David Faxon, MD, section chief of cardiology and a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, will begin his one-year term as president of the American Heart Association, on July 1, 2001.

June 20, 2001
Exercise effects depend on time of day
Peak athletic performance may be related to time of day. The response of the systems regulating energy metabolism and some hormones differs according to when in the day exercise is performed.

June 18, 2001
Few physicians share prognosis with dying cancer patients
In only 37 percent of cases would doctors estimate how long terminally ill patients could expect to live. Patients need this information to make choices and prepare.

June 11, 2001
Michael Riordan to become CEO of University of Chicago Hospitals
Michael C. Riordan has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Chicago Hospitals and Health System, effective July 1, 2001.

June 1, 2001
Boot Camp for dads gets fathers off on the right foot
A special program at the University of Chicago Hospitals helps expectant fathers learn what they need to know as new fathers.

May 23, 2001
Stroke awareness event, Operation Stroke, slated for May 23
To improve the care of stroke patients, a group of healthcare providers and civic leaders have come together for Operation Stroke.

May 21, 2001
Researchers find first gene that increases risk of Crohn's disease
Researchers from Chicago and Michigan identify the first genetic abnormality that increases susceptibility to Crohn's disease.

May 10, 2001
Rapid cooling may save victims of cardiac arrest
When the heart and brain are cooled to low temperatures, patients can survive without blood flow for an extended period. Rapid cooling could help cardiac arrest patients.

May 7, 2001
Edwin Taylor named to National Academy of Sciences
Three members of the University of Chicago faculty, Frank Morris Richter, Edwin W. Taylor and Robert Manuel Wald, were elected Members of the National Academy of Sciences on May 1.

May 7, 2001
Julian Solway wins ACP-ASIM's annual award for medical science
Julian Solway, MD, director of the Asthma Center, has received the 2001 Award for Outstanding Work in Science as Related to Medicine from the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

April 30, 2001
Physicians, low-income mothers define 'overweight' differently
To prevent obesity in young children, health professionals may need to focus more on parenting skills and less on growth charts.

April 28, 2001
Research suggests Black TV shows send unhealthy food messages
Black prime time television contains 60 percent more food and beverage commercials, more images of candy and soda, and more obese characters than general prime time.

April 25, 2001
Ann Jillian to speak at University of Chicago Hospitals cancer survivors celebration, June 3
Ann Jillian, an award-winning actress, singer, motivational speaker and breast cancer survivor, will be the keynote speaker for the for the University of Chicago Hospitals' twelfth-annual Cancer Survivors Day celebration on June 3, 2001.

April 16, 2001
NIH awards $13 million grant to Clinical Research Center at the University of Chicago
The University of Chicago has received a $13.2-million grant from the National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health to fund its General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) for the next five years.

April 1, 2001
Malignant mesothelioma conference looks at therapeutic options and role of SV40
This conference will review the role of SV40 in the pathogenesis of human mesothelioma, bone tumors, and brain tumors and evaluate current treatment options.

March 28, 2001
Major fossil find reveals Asian origins of salamanders
A 150 million-year-old Chinese fossil site provides compelling evidence that the salamander originated in Asia.

March 12, 2001
Muller to step down July 1 as CEO of University of Chicago Hospitals
Ralph W. Muller, President and CEO of the University of Chicago Hospitals and Health System, today announced his intention of stepping down on July 1, 2001.

March 9, 2001
Sonic Hedgehog shapes the brain
The size and shape of brain structures can be controlled by a signaling molecule known as Sonic Hedgehog say University of Chicago researchers.

March 1, 2001
University of Chicago researchers find cause of common genetic disorder
Researchers from the University have identified a genetic flaw in mice that is responsible for malformations associated with a human disorder called DiGeorge syndrome.

February 28, 2001
Genome project's impact on cancer care
Completion of the human genome project will influence anticancer drug development but not fundamentally alter it any time soon say two cancer specialists.

February 22, 2001
Disconnect between skin cells implicated in common skin cancer
A mutation that prevents skin cells from making normal connections with each other plays an unexpectedly early and important role in the development of the skin cancer.

February 19, 2001
Peptide reduces aggregation of prion-like fibers
A peptide can enhance the human body's natural defenses against the formation of the amyloid fibers.

February 16, 2001
Radiation biologist John H. Rust, DVM, PhD, 1909-2001
John Howard Rust, 91, a pioneer in radiation biology, died February 11, 2001.

February 14, 2001
Kidney specialist Theodore N. Pullman, MD, 1918-2001
Theodore N. Pullman, MD, 82, an expert on kidney function, died February 8, 2001.

February 12, 2001
Genome project opens the book on human evolution
Researchers at the University of Chicago analyze the human genome for clues about molecular evolution.

February 9, 2001
Popular Mini-Med School offers second chance for those still curious
The University of Chicago's award winning Mini-Med School is a free, eight-week series of easy-to-understand, educational lectures for the general public, at the Cultural Center, Randolph at Michigan, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., Tuesdays. March 6 through April 24.

February 5, 2001
Widely used anti-bacterial inhibits parasites that cause malaria and toxoplasmosis
Triclosan, a common antiseptic used in household products such as toothpaste, skin creams, and deodorants, kills the parasites responsible for malaria and toxoplasmosis, even at very low concentrations.

January 18, 2001
University of Chicago Hospitals to build new children's hospital
Gary Comer, founder of Lands' End, has made a $21-million donation to help build the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital, a state-of-the-art $130-million facility to open in 2004.

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