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Frequently Asked Questions: University of Chicago Medicine Brand

Why are you launching the University of Chicago Medicine?
We are introducing the University of Chicago Medicine brand to reflect our decades-long reputation as institutional leaders at the forefront of medicine. Few institutions in the world are as well positioned to address these challenges as the University of Chicago, its Biological Sciences Division, the Pritzker School of Medicine and the University of Chicago Medical Center. The new brand name represents a unified approach to research and compassionate, personalized care, drawing from across the University's intellectual spectrum to bring the best minds to medicine and science.

How does a brand name rollout differ from a name change?
Our legal name will remain the University of Chicago Medical Center and appear as such on legal documents and contracts. However, our outward facing brand name will reflect a more unified identify under the umbrella of the University of Chicago Medicine.

Hasn't the University of Chicago Medical Center changed its name before?
Billings Hospital at the University of Chicago was dedicated in 1927. Over the years the University added more facilities, which were collectively known as the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics. In 1986, the University of Chicago Hospitals became a separate corporation, distinct from the University. In 2006, the hospitals were reorganized as the University of Chicago Medical Center to include both hospital activities and the clinical medical programs in the Biological Sciences Division.

What names are tied to the "University of Chicago Medicine"?
All facilities, clinical programs and services will be positioned under the umbrella brand of the University of Chicago Medicine. The academic departmental and division names remain under the Biological Sciences Division.

How is the new name related to the opening of the New Hospital Pavilion?
The name and the New Hospital Pavilion go hand-in-hand. The new building is the embodiment of our commitment to technical sophistication in science and health care. It will allow our doctors and researchers to collaborate on complex specialty care with the most advanced technologies and tools at hand.

University of Chicago Medicine looks ahead to new brand, new hospital

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