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Medicine on the Midway

Fall 2007

A publication for alumni, faculty, students and friends of the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division and Pritzker School of Medicine.


Medicine on the Midway Fall 2007 cover

What Makes Us Human? (PDF)
Efforts to unravel the historical tales hidden within the twisted strands of DNA are being led by clusters of experimental and theoretical geneticists at the University of Chicago as they probe the mysteries of human evolution.
By John Easton

Banking Biology (PDF)
Three gene banks recently established at the University of Chicago will gather large-scale collections to help scientists understand a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses.
By Katie Scarlett Brandt

"Where I Came From" (PDF)
To find his ethnic origin, genetic researcher Rick Kittles compared his own DNA with samples collected from isolated populations across modern Africa. With that work, he co-founded African Ancestry Inc.
By Suzanne Wilder

Close Encounter (PDF)
An extremely rare infection brings a two-year-old boy within inches of death.
By Katie Scarlett Brandt

The Flight of the Dragonfly (PDF)
By Suzanne Wilder


Midway News (PDF)
Explore the latest research in medicine and biology on campus, plus noteworthy faculty news and the latest books by faculty and alumni.

Medicine off the Midway (PDF)
As vice president of health programs for the Carter Center, Donald Hopkins, MD '66, helps lead the effort to eradicate Guinea worm disease worldwide.
By Katie Scarlett Brandt

Class Update (PDF)
Catch up on news from your classmates and read about BSD's newest alums, as well as reunion events and this year's matches.

Perspective (PDF)
John Schumann, MD, argues for a revamped, revitalized commitment to a national health service, encouraging new graduates to provide services in underserved areas in exchange for covering medical educational costs.

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