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Medicine on the Midway

Summer 2003

A publication for alumni, faculty, students and friends of the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division and Pritzker School of Medicine.

Midway Summer 2003 cover University of Chicago scientists are making the first real-time movies of molecular processes, such as these images that show what happens when photoactive yellow protein absorbs light. Images by Spencer Anderson


Molecular Movies (PDF)
Although they will never be Academy Award contenders for "Best Drama," Keith Moffat's animated films reveal facets of human life at the molecular level.

Conversations with the Dean (PDF)
After a year on the job, Dean James Madara shares his vision for the Biological Sciences Division, which includes his goal to blur the lines that separate traditional scientific boundaries.

When the Heart Stops Beating (PDF)
Less than 5 percent of cardiac arrest victims survive. University of Chicago scientists and Argonne engineers are teaming up to improve these odds--with the help of some ice, a blender and the power of collaboration.


Letters to the Editor (PDF)

Midway News (PDF)

Medicine off the Midway (PDF)
First, South Sider Eric Whitaker fulfilled his mother's dream of becoming a doctor. Then he brought that dream back to his boyhood neighborhood. Now as Illinois director of public health, he gets to share that idea with the rest of the state.

Class Update (PDF)

Perspective (PDF)
To some, Canada's single-payer universal health care model seems like good medicine for what ails the American system. But law and ethics Professor Richard Epstein argues that would only compound the malaise.

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