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Our Team

Through the collaborative efforts of our specialists, the Upper Aerodigestive Cancer Risk Clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Our aerodigestive cancer experts work closely with physicians in related specialties, including medicine, thoracic surgery, radiation oncology, radiology, psychiatry, and pathology.

D. Kyle Hogarth, MD, Co-Director
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Smoking Cessation Program

In the Smoking Cessation Program, we offer treatments and resources to help cure patients of tobacco addiction.

Andrea King, PhD, Director
Professor of Psychiatry

Francis Lederer Aerodigestive Cancer Research Program

Our researchers are investigating improved strategies for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life preservation.

Everett Vokes, MD
John E. Ultmann Professor of Medicine and Radiation Oncology
Physician-in-Chief, the University of Chicago Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine

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