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Ovarian Cancer: For Referring Physicians

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we integrate patient care with research and discovery to improve the lives of women with ovarian, cervical, uterine and other types of gynecologic cancers. We offer:

  • Screening and diagnostic services
  • Advanced surgical techniques
  • Promising therapies and novel clinical trials
  • Expert pathology
  • Tissue, blood and DNA collection
  • Access to experts in cancer genetics

We provide complete evaluation of patients who are suspected of having a gynecologic cancer. Every patient case is reviewed at our weekly Multidisciplinary Gynecologic Oncology Tumor Board, a conference that includes gynecologic and medical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists, as well as sexual health experts and a specialist in upper abdominal surgery

To ensure the best care for your patients, we:

  • Offer experience and expertise on challenging and unique cases
  • Provide you with timely and direct communication
  • Partner with you for a collaborative approach to your patient’s treatment
  • Provide innovative clinical research and compassionate clinical care for your patients

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