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Support and Care Resources for Ovarian Cancer

We know that a diagnosis of ovarian cancer can be overwhelming for patients and their families. Part of our mission is to provide supportive care to our patients and families during all aspects of this illness: diagnosis, treatment, ongoing symptoms and recurrent disease. And we pay special attention to side effects from treatment (pain, sexual dysfunction, chemotherapy side effects). Our nurses are highly experienced in treating patients, anticipating their needs and managing their side effects.

PRISM Clinic: Sexual Health of Female Cancer Patients and Survivors
SOCARE Clinic: For Older Adults Facing Cancer
Cancer Risk Clinic
Palliative Care Services
Other Internal and External Resources


Patients diagnosed with cancer may experience mood changes and anxiety at the time of diagnosis, during treatment and/or after treatment. These symptoms are not unusual and often can be managed with proper assessment, therapy and counseling. The Psycho-oncology Clinic at the University of Chicago Medicine evaluates and treats patients who develop symptoms or need counseling as a result of a cancer diagnosis or treatment.

PRISM Clinic: Sexual Health of Female Cancer Patients & Survivors

The University of Chicago's Program in Integrative Sexual Medicine (PRISM) for women and girls with cancer is designed to identify, prevent and treat sexual health problems in female cancer patients and survivors. The program is the first of its kind in Illinois and one of few such programs in the nation. »Learn more about the PRISM Clinic

SOCARE Clinic: Care for Older Adults Facing Cancer

When it comes to evaluating and monitoring older patients, our gynecologic oncologists partner with the geriatric oncologists in the University of Chicago Medicine’s Specialized Oncology Care and Research in the Elderly program (SOCARE). The SOCARE clinic specializes in anticipating and addressing the specific needs of older patients when facing a cancer diagnosis and choosing treatment.

Cancer Risk Clinic

The Cancer Risk Clinic at the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center offers screening, genetic testing, counseling and a wide range of helpful resources to those at risk for hereditary cancers. The clinic is highly experienced with BRCA (a gene linked to breast and ovarian cancer) and Lynch syndrome (associated with an increased risk of several cancers including ovarian). It is recommended that all patients who have a diagnosis of ovarian/fallopian tube cancer or have two or more relatives with breast cancer undergo genetic assessment and testing. »Learn more about the Cancer Risk Clinic

Palliative Care Services

Providing comfort to very ill patients and their families is a priority we take to heart. Our palliative care specialists provide pain management and treatment for quality-of-life symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, poor sleep, and weight loss.

Other Internal and External Resources

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From the Oncology Ward to the Maternity Ward

Several years after surviving a rare form of ovarian cancer, Jennifer Bishop-Staley gave birth to her first child. S. Diane Yamada, MD, Bishop-Staley's gynecologic oncologist, is also featured in this brief video. »Learn more about Bishop-Staley's story

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