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Lung Cancer Patient Stories

At the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center, our collaborative team of experts provides the most complete care possible to effectively treat lung cancer. We're proud to share some of our patients' stories with you.

Jaunita Segura

Lung Cancer Survivor's Uplifting Journey
CrossFit enthusiast, Jaunita Segura, was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer and genetic testing revealed that she had a mutation that makes standard cancer treatment less effective. After being referred to the University of Chicago Medicine, Segura began a treatment regiment specifically designed to target her cancer. Now, she still visits UChciago Medicine for maintenance therapy when she isn't busy running her own CrossFit gym and raising money for cancer research.

Greg Klawitter

Life After Lung Cancer: Biking, Golfing and Days at the Beach
Although Greg Klawitter underwent surgery for lung cancer at the University of Chicago Medicine more than a decade ago, the retired Chicago police officer hasn’t forgotten the thoracic surgeon who saved his life.

History of Personalized Medicine Brings Future Hope to Lung Cancer Patients
The cause of Victor's lung cancer was a mystery to him--until experts at the University of Chicago Medicine campus traced it to a specific gene mutation. After enrolling in a clinical trial for genetically based drug therapy, Victor's tumor has shrunk and shows no signs of growth.

Barbara Arvia

Minimally Invasive Surgery a 'Lucky' Option for Woman's Early-Stage Lung Cancer
In an ironic way, Barbara Arvia is grateful for the bunion on her foot. Preparation for foot surgery led to a surprising diagnosis of lung cancer--and to state-of-the-art treatment with video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). Barbara's surgery was performed through three small incisions, which resulted in a shorter recovery and a faster return to her busy lifestyle.

Nancy and John Williams

Man with Lung Cancer Rides to Clear Recovery
Surgery for carcinoid tumor of the lung hasn't prevented John Williams from taking 15-mile bike rides along Lake Michigan's shoreline.