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Physician Honors

Breast cancer conference

Teams of Internationally Recognized Cancer Experts

Our physicians have earned national and international honors. For example:

If you have cancer, it's important to go where the experts are -- right from the start.

The University of Chicago Medicine understands the importance of working together. Here, our specialists work in teams to collaborate and discuss each patient’s case, and to provide a personalized, multidisciplinary approach to care. What sets our cancer teams apart is the depth and breadth of the specialists' expertise. Each team includes not one, but many nationally recognized experts--physicians at the forefront of new cancer discoveries.

Discover for Yourself

This short list of accomplishments is just a sample. Read our physician profiles. You’ll see other awards, accolades, and the many high-profile national positions held by our physicians.

Above all, our commitment to exceptional, compassionate cancer care is best revealed through our many inspirational patient stories of healing and hope.

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Janet Rowley's Vision: Treating Cancer at the Molecular Level

Janet Rowley, MD, sparked a revolution in cancer genetics and continues to shape the field of personalized medicine today.