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The radiation oncology team at the University of Chicago is highly trained in using IMRT and maximizing its effect on tumors while sparing healthy tissue.

IMRT requires the most advanced linear accelerators--the equipment that delivers radiation--as well as the latest software that helps radiation oncologists plan treatment.

Using IMRT, our radiation oncologists can precisely map and contour high-dose radiation to a degree that was not thought possible only a few years ago. Just as important, our radiation oncologists can limit radiation reaching normal tissue. For the patient, this results in better disease control and fewer side effects and complications.

For example, our doctors can use IMRT to reduce the doses of radiation to normal bowel tissue and bone marrow in women with cervical and uterine cancer. Patients with head and neck cancer are also spared high doses of radiation to the healthy tissues involved in speech and swallowing. This minimizes the potential impact of radiation on normal tissue, thus maintaining the patients’ quality of life.

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