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Tips to Help You Prepare for Your TOP Clinic Evaluations

  • Complete your surveys beforehand to keep your visit on schedule.
  • Dress comfortably (including comfortable footwear).
  • Bring your caregiver and other family members to assist you.
  • Bring a lunch or snack.
  • Avoid scheduling other tests on the day of your visit, as the TOP clinic evaluations will take most of the day. If you want to schedule tests, talk to your clinical research coordinator or nurse prior to the visit.

Communication Before and During Your Visit

Prior to your visit, our team will review your prior treatment for the blood disease, pre-transplant testing, medical history and planned transplant details. During your visit, we will ask you about this information to ensure accuracy. We will also ask about your general function, social support, emotional health and overall symptoms. It is important for us to inquire about your understanding of the need for transplant and what is involved in transplant. This allows us to avoid relaying information you already know, but also highlights areas where more education may be needed.

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