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Bladder Cancer

Gary Steinberg and Jacqueline Nalls

Bladder cancer is fifth most common cancer in the United States, with over 75,000 new cases diagnosed every year. But today, advancements in treating all stages of bladder cancer improve outcomes and overall quality of life. While many patients are diagnosed in the early stages, bladder cancer has a high rate of recurrence and may progress, so partnering with physicians you trust is crucial for managing your bladder cancer and maintaining long-term health.

The University of Chicago Medicine's urologic cancer program is one of the most experienced programs in the country. Our expert bladder cancer team offers innovative treatment options, novel therapies and a comprehensive, personalized care plan for each patient. Whether you are diagnosed with early-stage bladder cancer, late-stage metastatic cancer or have recurrent cancer, our physicians are dedicated to providing you the most advanced, individualized treatment solutions.

Individualizing Care with an Expert Team

Bladder cancer is a complex disease that often requires a combination of therapies to reach the most successful outcome. With our collaborative, multidisciplinary team of experts committed to your health, you can feel confident that we will deliver unparalleled care. These internationally recognized specialists work closely together, and with you, to determine the best treatment strategy for your specific diagnosis and lifestyle needs.

Innovating Bladder Cancer Treatment

The University of Chicago Medicine performs more radical cystectomies than any other institution in the Chicago area and Midwest region, and we are proven leaders in the innovation of surgical treatment for bladder cancer, including bladder reconstructive surgery, minimally invasive surgery and nerve-sparing techniques. Our experts combine the highest level of skill with the latest advancements and newest techniques to deliver first-class care.

Groundbreaking Research and Clinical Trials

Our researchers and clinicians are at the forefront of bladder cancer care. Through leading-edge basic, translational and clinical research, we are exploring new treatment options for patients in all stages of disease. We are also investigating ways to personalize medicine for each patient, providing therapies that are more effective with fewer side effects. Additionally, with our clinical trials, we offer our patients the latest treatments before they are widely available. «Learn more about our bladder cancer research and clinical trials.