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Urologic Cancers

The University of Chicago Medicine is home to cancer specialists who are internationally recognized for their expertise in the treatment of prostate, kidney, bladder, and other urologic cancers. Our team is dedicated to eliminating your cancer while minimizing the effects of treatment on your general health and lifestyle. Our experts specialize in the latest techniques to fight cancer, including:

  • Minimally invasive surgery and robotic-assisted procedures, in which surgeons use specially designed instruments to perform surgery through small incisions, thereby eliminating the need for large incisions. Patients experience less pain, less injury to tissue, shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to daily activities. Our robotic urologic surgery team has performed more procedures than any other program in Illinois, and is among the top 10 programs in the world.
  • Nerve-sparing techniques, which are used to preserve nerves for urinary and sexual functions. Our surgeons use these techniques during both conventional and minimally invasive operations.
  • High resolution, multi-parametric MR prostate examinations using the most updated MR protocols and 3 tesla MR scanners. Our radiology experts, experienced in prostate imaging, provide interpretations of these examinations using state-of-the-art, prostate-specific MRI workstations and software.
  • MRI guided prostate biopsies, in which radiologists use advanced imaging technology to obtain highly targeted samples directly from suspicious prostate tissue. This increases diagnostic accuracy for prostate cancer with far fewer needles than traditional diagnostic procedures.
  • New anti-cancer treatments, in which combined therapies are used to provide a "one-two" punch against cancer. At the medical center, a team of experts--including urologists, medical oncologists, radiologists and radiation oncologists--works together to develop novel treatment approaches. We’re one of a few medical centers in the nation to offer MRI-guided focal laser ablation therapy, a new, minimally invasive technique for treating early stage prostate cancer.
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