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Prostate Cancer

Scott Eggener, MD, and patient

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men. But men diagnosed with the disease have reason to be optimistic. Thanks to increased awareness, early detection and improvements in therapies, more men are surviving prostate cancer today than ever before.

The world-renowned prostate cancer team at the University of Chicago Medicine is highly skilled in the most up-to-date, technologically advanced methods for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Our experts provide the full range of therapy options, including many that are not widely available. We believe in a personalized, comprehensive approach -- working closely with you to help you choose the best treatment strategy for your condition and your unique situation.

Individualized Treatment by Multidisciplinary Teams

Our multidisciplinary prostate cancer team -- urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, pathologists and radiologists -- collaborates to offer each patient innovative and high quality care based on the latest research. Each of these University of Chicago Medicine experts is a recognized leader in his field.

Focused on Your Quality of Life

Although treatments for prostate cancer are continuously advancing, they can have lasting side effects. We help you develop the right care plan for your condition, one that offers a cure or effective management of the cancer while having the least possible impact on your health and your body.

Sophisticated MR Imaging

Prostate mri

Radiologists at the University of Chicago Medicine perform prostate MR imaging on state-of-the art 3 Tesla MRI scanners, which provide highly detailed images and improve diagnostic accuracy. We are one of the few hospitals in the U.S. that offer MRI-guided targeted biopsies of suspected lesions in the prostate.

Focal Laser Therapy For Early Stage Prostate Cancer

The University of Chicago Medicine is one of the first medical centers in the U.S. to offer MRI- guided focal laser ablation therapy for early stage prostate cancer. This new, minimally invasive outpatient treatment uses highly targeted heat to eradicate cancerous tumors in the prostate. »Learn more about MRI-guided focal laser ablation therapy.

Long-Term Follow Up

As part of our comprehensive approach to prostate cancer, we offer long-term follow-up and a survivorship plan for each patient. In addition to monitoring men for signs of recurrence, we help patients control and minimize the side effects related to the cancer and its treatments.

At the Forefront of Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

We are active members of the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium, a major clinical research network of 13 academic medical centers that specializes in leading-edge prostate cancer research. As a result of this and other collaborations, our medical oncologists have access to many therapies not available at other centers. »Read more about our prostate cancer clinical trials and research.

Care for Older Men

The prostate cancer team works closely with the Specialized Oncology Care & Research in the Elderly (SOCARE) clinic at the University of Chicago Medicine. SOCARE anticipates and addresses the specific needs of older men choosing treatment for prostate and other types of cancer. »Read more about the SOCARE clinic.