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Prostate Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

In 1966, Charles B. Huggins, MD, professor of surgery at the University of Chicago, received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for research that led to hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.

Today, our physicians and scientists continue to conduct leading research on prostate cancer. Across the University of Chicago Medicine campus, basic researchers and physicians work hand-in-hand to translate scientific discoveries in the laboratory to the patient’s bedside as quickly as possible.

Clinical Trials: Access to the Latest Therapies

Participate in prostate cancer clinical trial

The University of Chicago Medicine is a major center for conducting prostate cancer clinical trials through the National Cancer Institute and private sponsors. In addition, the UChicago Medicine sponsors many clinical trials designed by our expert prostate cancer faculty. These trials test novel surgical, radiation and medical treatments to fight prostate cancer and to improve the quality of life for patients. Individuals who participate in clinical research studies are given the opportunity to benefit from treatments that have shown promise in previous research but are not yet available to the wider public. »Learn about current prostate cancer clinical trials at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Ongoing Prostate Cancer Research

Highlights of ongoing prostate cancer research include:

  • Developing novel approaches for prostate cancer prevention and early detection.
  • Genomic testing of newly diagnosed prostate cancer to help guide management
  • Evaluating the next generation of investigational drugs and testing new ways to improve outcomes.
  • Tracking radiation treatment success and patients’ quality of life through a detailed database of patient outcomes after radiotherapy.
  • Studying how well diet works in altering disease progression in prostate cancer patients on active surveillance.
  • Developing imaging and image-guided techniques to advance the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Identifying genetic features of prostate cancer tissue that underlie health disparities in patients with the disease.
  • Using cell-imaging technology to isolate and study circulating prostate tumor cells to help predict if therapy is effective.
  • Exploring prostate cancer’s underlying biological mechanisms by looking at how stem cell genes involved in the development of the prostate impact cancer initiation.
  • Identifying genetic biomarkers of prostate cancer for use in prognosis and prediction of response to therapy.

Leaders in Cancer Research

The physicians and researchers on the multidisciplinary prostate cancer team are all members of the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCCC), one of only two NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Illinois and of 41 in the U.S. The common goal of these centers is to attack cancer through laboratory research, clinical trials and prevention research.

Our physicians are also members -- and recognized leaders -- in several major national organizations dedicated to prostate cancer research including:

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