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Our Prostate Cancer Team

Scott Eggener, MD, and Gregory Zagaja, MD Urologic oncologists Scott Eggener, MD, left, and Gregory Zagaja, MD.


Scott Eggener, MD
Co-Director, Prostate Cancer Surgery Program

Arieh Shalhav, MD
Chief, Section of Urology

Norm Smith, MD

Gregory Zagaja, MD
Co-Director, Prostate Cancer Surgery Program

Radiation Oncology

Stanley Liauw, MD

Medical Oncology

Peter O’Donnell, MD

Walter Stadler, MD
Chief, Section of Hematology/Oncology
Director, Genitourinary Program

Randy F. Sweis, MD

Russell Szmulewitz, MD
Associate Director, Genitourinary Program


Aytekin Oto, MD
Chief, Section of Abdominal Imaging
Director, Body MR Imaging


Tatjana Antic, MD

Gladell Paner, MD

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