Preparing for Your Visit

The University of Chicago Medicine is committed to providing accessible, responsive, coordinated care for all of our patients. This coordination begins when a patient contacts us for the very first time and one of our intake coordinators schedules a first visit.

Before the First Visit

Patients need to gather information and test results before their first visit. Our intake coordinators work with patients to identify what they will need to bring and provide guidance on how to gather the items--often obtaining the necessary information prior to the scheduled visit.

We understand that it can be a burden for patients to gather their own pathology slides. When possible, intake coordinators assist with this process and obtain patients’ outside pathology slides for review by our pathologists prior to the initial visit.

Before Treatment

Patients frequently need to undergo a range of tests and see several physicians before a treatment plan is developed. Cancer center intake coordinators work to schedule these appointments as efficiently and conveniently as possible. After the appointments have been scheduled, they provide each patient with detailed, personalized information about their upcoming visit, including:

  • Driving, parking and facility directions so patients know exactly where to go and how to get there
  • Information on the types of appointments and tests a patient will have and how to prepare for them, if preparation is required
  • Who the patient will see and direct contact information for at least one member of the patient’s care team

When patients arrive, an intake coordinator orients them to the facility and escorts them to their first appointment. They are also available to assist patients during the day.

In most cases, the care team formulates a treatment plan at the completion of the visit and the patient is introduced to team members who will play an important role in their care.

Ongoing Assistance

As patients progress through their treatment, they and their families develop close partnerships with the nurses and physicians on their care team. Our intake coordinators are also available to assist with scheduling and other logistics, when needed.


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  • All Other Cancer Appointments:

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