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Chicago South Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System

Designated as an Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Resource Hospital in April 1976, the University of Chicago Medicine provides medical and administrative oversight for the Chicago South EMS System within Region XI.

As a Region XI base station, our emergency department has trained emergency communications physicians (ECPs) and emergency communications registered nurses (ECRNs) who provide 24/7 medical direction for 22,000 radio calls per year. Our emergency medicine residents are actively involved in the on-line medical control system, providing medical direction to EMS professionals who are caring for patients in the field.

The University of Chicago provides the following subspecialty services for the EMS System:

Prehospital agencies administer care prior to a patient's arrival at a hospital. The EMS office provides administrative oversight for five prehospital agencies as well as 1,400 emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics that provide care within our EMS system. Our annual EMS transport volume is 8,700 for our approximately 65,000 total emergency department visits.

Our prehospital providers are:

Our Associate Hospitals in the Chicago South EMS System are:

Our EMS office staff manages the education, licensure, operations, and quality improvement within our EMS system. We provide paramedic education and training in collaboration with the Malcolm X College Paramedic Program through the City Colleges of Chicago. We coordinate and present regular system continuing education for all levels of EMS providers.

Please visit our Region XI EMS System website for more information.

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EMS Office
5841 S. Maryland Avenue, MC 5068
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Phone: (773) 702-9502
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Katie Tataris MD, MPH, FAEMS, FACEP
EMS Medical Director

Krystal Baciak, MD
Associate EMS Medical Director

Cynthia ‘Cyd’ Gajewski, MS, RN
EMS System Coordinator

Cassandra O’Brien, MSN, RN
Pediatric EMS Coordinator

Davita Monagan
EMS System Administrative Assistant