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Why Choose Us for ENT Care?

A Respected Reputation

Because of our reputation, patients from across the United States come to the University of Chicago Medicine for ENT consultations and treatment.

Outstanding, Multidisciplinary Staff

Our staff includes board-certified physicians who have earned national and international recognition among their peers. Working as a team, our physicians, fellows, residents, masters-degreed audiologists, masters and doctoral level speech-language pathologists, nurse specialists and research faculty bring together a wide range of expertise that enhances patient care.

Thorough Diagnostics

We believe in conducting an extensive diagnostic process to fully understand each patient’s problem and its causes. With clearer insight into the patient’s condition, we recommend targeted treatments that can be more effective.

Innovative Treatment Approaches

Elizabeth Blair and patient

Our team uses innovative techniques that address the patient’s disorder yet minimize unpleasant side effects or complications.

Access to Investigational Treatments

Our patients have access to clinical trials, including trials for treating allergy and sinus disorders, as well as cancers of the head and neck.