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IBD Patient Stays Healthy With Great Care

IBD Patient Seth Kinnett

At 27 years old, Seth Kinnett is the picture of health and success. A business analyst at a Fortune 100 firm in Chicago, he recently finished his master's degree in Information Technology and is a body builder in his spare time.

Judging by his life today, nobody would guess that Kinnett's teen years were dominated by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which caused debilitating pain. His inability to effectively absorb nutrition left Kinnett's growth stalled at only five feet tall as he turned 15. Physicians at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, a five-hour drive from his home in Muncie, Indiana, were finally able to manage his symptoms with medication and surgery.

When Kinnett moved to Chicago in 2005, he began a search for a local physician to manage his care and immediately turned to the University of Chicago Medicine. After meeting David T. Rubin, MD, Kinnett knew he had found the right person.

"Dr. Rubin's confidence and knowledge impressed me," he said. "And I knew the University of Chicago Medicine was highly ranked for IBD treatment and an excellent hospital overall."

Kinnett says Rubin's approach was far more progressive than many of his previous physicians, and the accessibility he had to other University of Chicago specialists helped him comprehensively manage the effects of his disease. Kinnett also credits Rubin's decision to switch to newer, more advanced medications with keeping his condition in remission for nearly two years.

Rubin said patients like Kinnett motivate him. "When I encounter patients like him," Rubin said, "I feel inspired to continue doing what I'm doing because the next person who comes in sick could go on to lead a productive and exciting life."

June 2010