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Referral for Adult Patients

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we are committed to working with our fellow medical professionals from around the world to provide the best care. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to offering quick and easy access to our clinical resources. We strongly believe that a patient's personal physician is an integral part of our care team.

Outpatient Care Appointments

Adult Cardiology Clinic Appointments
(773) 702-9461 or (888) 824-0200

Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Clinic Appointments
(773) 702-6172 or (888) 824-0200

Adult Heart Failure Clinic Appointments
(773) 702-9396 or (888) 824-0200

Adult Cardiac Surgery Clinic Appointments
(773) 702-1929 or (888) 824-0200

Adult Cardiac Cath Scheduling

During business hours: (773) 702-1371
After hours: (773) 753-1880, pager 3228

Inpatient Admissions: Bed Access Center

The University of Chicago Medicine maintains an innovative, centralized Bed Access Center for quick and easy inpatient admissions. The Center--staffed by RNs--can arrange for transfer of a patient at any time, seven days a week. Our referral counselors work closely with the Admitting Office and UCAN, our emergency helicopter transportation service, to coordinate urgent and scheduled admissions. Our staff can:

  • Locate the appropriate attending physician
  • Make arrangements for the patient's transfer
  • Obtain the correct authorizations
  • Prepare financial paper work
  • Supply a copy of the discharge summary after the patient is released

To request an inpatient admission, please call (773) 834-BEDS(2337).