Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic Team

Members of the University of Chicago Cardiovascular Genetics team have extensive experience and knowledge in this specialized area of inherited heart and vascular diseases. Some of our team members also conduct lab research aimed at discovering and understanding genetic mutations that cause specific types of cardiovascular disease. Our team includes a physician, genetic counselor, and nursing staff. We work closely with the other referring disciplines, such as neurologists who also care for many of these patients.

Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD
Dr. McNally is the director of the Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic. She is a cardiologist with more than a decade of expertise focused on inherited cardiovascular diseases. In addition to seeing patients for diagnosis and treatment, she directs the Institute for Cardiovascular Research at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on identifying the molecular genetic causes of cardiomyopathies and other inherited forms of cardiac disease. Because of her roles as both a clinician and a researcher, Dr. McNally applies insights from the very latest worldwide findings on cardiovascular disease to the care that she provides for patients. Patients here benefit from the newest knowledge and the most effective methods of treatment and prevention.

Lisa Dellefave, MS, CGC
Lisa Dellefave is a certified genetic counselor who specializes in inherited cardiovascular diseases and inherited neuromuscular diseases. She plays an integral role in meeting with patients and their families, obtaining detailed family medical histories, and explaining the results and implications of genetic testing. She has more than five years of experience working with patients and families with neuromuscular and cardiovascular disease.

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