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Heart Failure, Transplant and Mechanical Circulatory Support

The University of Chicago Medicine is home to one of the most respected heart failure programs in the country. Our multidisciplinary medical team includes experts in heart failure medical treatment, mechanical circulatory support and cardiac surgery, including heart transplant. We are committed to delivering the highest level of care to patients, especially those with advanced or complex disease requiring state-of-the-art therapies.

Comprehensive, Interdisciplinary Care

Our world-class cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons work alongside expert electrophysiologists, radiologists, pathologists, nurses, pharmacists and social workers to implement the ideal treatment strategy for each patient. This collaborative, multidisciplinary approach ensures that every case is thoroughly evaluated and treatment is tailored to the patient’s individual diagnosis.

Ready to Meet the Greatest Challenges

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we bring the best minds in medicine together to meet the needs of patients facing heart failure. We often accept patients who were not considered for treatment at other hospitals. Our collaborative team is known for their expertise in treating unique patient populations, including:

  • High-risk - We specialize in caring for patients with advanced heart failure, many who can benefit from the latest technology for mechanical circulatory support. Our team is experienced in transplantation for complex cases, including patients needing re-transplantation, older patients and other high-risk individuals.
  • Transfusion-free - Our surgeons are skilled in performing bloodless cardiac surgery to minimize blood loss -- avoiding the need for transfusions. We are one of the only institutions in the world offering this surgical option.
  • HIV-positive – Individuals who are HIV-positive are at risk for cardiac disease. University of Chicago Medicine cardiologist Nir Uriel, MD, specializes in the care of HIV-positive patients who have developed heart failure and is dedicated to advancing treatment options for this complicated and growing patient group.
  • Cancer survivors – We offer comprehensive care, including surgical, medical and mechanical circulatory support options, for patients who have developed heart disease related to chemotherapy or radiation to the chest area.

Pioneers in Treatment and Research

Our physicians are often among the first in the nation to perform innovative procedures and use new medications and devices to aid failing hearts. We are also leaders in mechanical circulatory support and heart transplantation – with many years of experience implanting ventricular assist devices as a bridge to transplant or as an alternative to transplant (destination therapy).

In a continual effort to improve the care and quality of life for heart failure patients, our physicians conduct ongoing research and investigations to find new treatment options and management strategies for this serious condition.

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Music Heals the Heart

Amateur musician and heart failure patient, Moshe Einav, played the piano in the hospital lobby everyday, even up to an hour before his heart transplant surgery. Three days later, he was back at the keys.

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