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Why Choose Us for Heart Surgery?

Internationally Renowned Surgeons

At the core of our program is a team of internationally known cardiac surgeons who are leaders in the field, often among the first to perform groundbreaking procedures.

Full Range of Treatment Options

As a major academic medical center, our surgeons perform a wide range of heart surgery operations, from more common procedures like coronary bypass surgery and mitral valve repair, to complex heart remodeling for severe heart failure. This breadth of expertise means that our surgeons bring advanced skills to every surgical case--using innovative techniques to make surgeries more effective, while reducing the risk for complications.

Caring for Patients with Any Type of Heart Problem

We welcome patients with any type of heart problem that can be treated with surgery--even if you have been turned down for heart surgery at other medical centers. The majority of our patients are considered high-risk, including elderly patients and those with multiple health problems. Our compassionate, thorough surgeons can often offer solutions not available at other hospitals in the region.

Minimally Invasive and Robotic Heart Surgery

Today, many procedures that used to require large, open chest incisions can be performed through much smaller incisions, offering several advantages over the traditional approach, such as a quicker recovery, less pain and minimal scarring. Our surgeons are pioneers in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, and regularly perform less invasive treatments for coronary artery disease, heart valve conditions, atrial fibrillation and other heart problems. »More about minimally invasive and robotic heart surgery

Leading Heart Failure and Transplantation Program

Larry Bybee Larry Bybee received the best 50th birthday present of all--a new heart. »Read Larry's story

The University of Chicago Medicine is a leader in heart failure care--offering unique methods for treating failing hearts. Our surgeons routinely find ways to help even the sickest patients regain an active lifestyle. If a heart transplant is required, our patients take comfort in being cared for by experts from one of the largest heart transplant programs in the Midwest. We're also home to one of the only multiple organ transplant programs in the nation--successfully transplanting organs for people who need heart-lung, heart-liver, heart-kidney-pancreas, or other multiple organ transplant combinations.
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Comprehensive, Coordinated Care Throughout Your Stay

Our team of cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, physician assistants, cardiac intensivists, cardiac nurses, and other specialists has been working together for several years. This team includes eight cardiac surgery nurses, as well as several inpatient cardiac nurses and critical care specialists--all highly trained in caring for heart surgery patients. From your first appointment with us to follow-up care after surgery, we're dedicated to making your experience at the University of Chicago Medicine a good one.

Advanced Heart Research

University of Chicago cardiac surgeons are not only providing the highest level of surgical care, they're also researching several aspects of heart disease in order to develop new and better treatments. Our physicians and scientists are conducting laboratory research studying heart failure at the molecular level and are developing novel surgical devices and techniques to improve heart function.

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