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Valvular and Structural Heart Disease

The University of Chicago Medicine is home to one of the most respected cardiology programs in the country, and our physicians are leaders in diagnosing and treating a wide range of valve and structural heart conditions. Our highly trained interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons offer the latest medical therapies, nonsurgical procedures and surgical solutions, including minimally invasive techniques for complex heart conditions.

Comprehensive Team Dedicated to Complete Care

Our multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment strategy allows us to deliver the highest level of patient-centered care. Through constant collaboration and discussion, the interdisciplinary team creates a personalized treatment plan designed to maximize results. We welcome complex cases and high-risk patients, and work together to find novel ways of treating patients seeking their second or third opinion.

Innovative Treatments Options

We are internationally recognized experts in valve and structural heart conditions and perform a wide range of advanced treatment to tailor care to each distinct person and their diagnosis.

This team uses state-of-the-art technology and offers the latest surgical and interventional techniques, many of which are minimally invasive. Our physicians have pioneered novel, minimally invasive transcatheter techniques for a variety of structural heart disorders, and our robotic surgery program performs more procedures than any other in the United States. Our goal is to offer patients the best treatment strategy for their needs that simultaneously minimizes pain and recovery time.

Advancing Medicine Through Research

With medicine constantly evolving, our valve and structural heart physician-scientists are engaged in active research to discover new ways of managing these conditions. We strive to continue advancing medicine to ensure better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.