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Heart and Vascular Videos

In these videos, our patients and physicians describe heart care services and treatment techniques available at the University of Chicago Medicine. You'll need the free Adobe Flash Player to view these videos.

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Robotic and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Balkhy in surgery

UChicago Medicine Team Performs 500th Robotic Cardiac Procedure
The University of Chicago Medicine’s robotic surgery team, led by Husam H. Balkhy, MD, hit a milestone in April 2017 when they treated their 500th patient to repair a heart valve and an irregular heartbeat using a robotic totally endoscopic approach. 

Heart Failure

Ron Lekavich

Music Teacher Is Back On Beat After Heart Surgery
A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) helped Ron Lekavich return to teaching music after suffering from extreme weakness and shortness of breath due to heart failure. "If I didn't receive the heart pump, they would have given me six months to a year to live," Lekavich said. The University of Chicago Medicine implants LVADs as a bridge to heart transplant or as an alternative to transplant.

Heart Valve Disease

Robotic mitral valve repair surgery

Animation: Robotic Mitral Valve Repair Surgery
Robotic mitral valve repair surgery is performed with the assistance of the da Vinci Surgical System, a sophisticated device that allows the surgeon to repair the heart valve through four to five fingertip size incisions, instead of opening the chest. This video is located lower down on the heart valve surgery Web page.

Heart Transplantation

Kenneth Woodka

Heart-Kidney Transplant: Kenneth's Story
After being turned down for transplant by six different hospitals, Kenneth Woodka looked to the University of Chicago Medicine for help. Soon after he arrived, Kenneth had a successful heart-kidney transplant.

Total heart transplant

Animation: Total Heart Transplant
At the University of Chicago, our heart surgeons perform an advanced method of heart transplant surgery, called "total heart transplant." This method involves removing the entire diseased heart and connecting the new donor heart in six places. Traditional heart transplants keep parts of the diseased heart intact, and involve four connections to the new heart.

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