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Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship

Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship Uzma Siddiqui, MD, (left) training fellows in advanced endoscopic procedures.

The University of Chicago Advanced Fellowship in Interventional Endoscopy provides broad practical and scholarly exposure to clinical problems relating to GI oncology and advanced endoscopic techniques, as well as in-depth investigative training. The program has a long and consistent history of graduating physicians who are scholarly clinicians and prominent clinical investigators. Direct and continuous contact and supervision by and with full-time faculty offers a personal and individualized approach to your educational, clinical and scientific development.

The training program at University of Chicago Medicine utilizes our extensive clinical and endoscopic facilities. Here, you will work with patients who have a broad range of conditions, from common gastrointestinal disorders and diseases to unusual and difficult-to-manage clinical cases.

During your 12-month fellowship,* you will be part of the interventional endoscopy service that consists of three attendings, two advanced level practitioners, two nurse coordinators, and visiting students. You will become proficient in endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and other advanced interventional endoscopic procedures, techniques and devices, including:

  • Enteral stenting
  • EMR
  • Endo-suturing
  • Novel endoscopic imaging devices

The endoscopy program at the University of Chicago Medicine offers full access to research lab facilities for endoscopic projects. Opportunities for translational research in colon cancer, and Barrett’s esophagus in particular, are available within the section. The interventional endoscopy program is also affiliated to the minimally invasive surgical center and GI oncology center at the University of Chicago.

* The one-year fellowship in Interventional Endoscopy is closely associated with the fully accredited three-year fellowship, which leads to Board Eligibility for Gastroenterology.

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