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Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery

The University of Chicago Medicine is home to surgical oncologists who use innovative minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat many types of cancer--including gastrointestinal, lung, and prostate cancers. Minimally invasive surgery is an effective approach to removing some cancerous tumors and lymph nodes--all the while sparing the patient from unnecessary tissue damage, pain, and scarring. Our surgeons are also using minimally invasive techniques to collect tissue for biopsy and to perform accurate "staging" studies to determine the best cancer treatment plan. In some cases, University of Chicago surgeons use a state-of-the-art robotic device to assist with minimally invasive cancer operations.

Female surgeon in surgery.

Here, our world-renowned multidisciplinary team of specialists in surgical, medical, and radiation oncology work side-by-side to create individualized treatments plans for each patient. We're also conducting advanced clinical and laboratory research to further the treatment of cancer.

It's this type of innovation that has earned the University of Chicago Medicine an international reputation for excellence in cancer care. U.S.News & World Report regularly ranks our cancer program among the top in the nation.