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Minimally Invasive Surgery Patient Stories

Every year our physicians and staff care for many patients. We're proud to share some of their stories with you.
Bariatric Surgery
Gastrointestinal Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Pediatric Urology

Bariatric Surgery

90 Pounds Gone …. and Counting
Karen has lost 90 pounds just four months after having laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery at the University of Chicago medical center. Also, her asthma has disappeared, and her knee and ankle are feeling better, making it easier to walk and exercise.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Minimally Invasive Technique Leads to a Dramatic Result for Pancreatic Patient
Joseph Mangano experienced painful bouts of pancreatitis and had trouble finding a physician who could fix his blocked pancreatic duct. He turned to Dr. Waxman who performed an advanced non-surgical treatment known as endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) guided transluminal therapy to fix the blockage. Nearly six months after the procedure, Joseph's quality of life has improved dramatically.

Thoracic Surgery

Barbara Arvia

Minimally Invasive Surgery a 'Lucky' Option for Woman's Early-Stage Lung Cancer
In an ironic way, Barbara Arvia is grateful for the bunion on her foot. Preparation for foot surgery led to a surprising diagnosis of lung cancer--and to state-of-the-art treatment with video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). Barbara's surgery was performed through three small incisions, which resulted in a shorter recovery and a faster return to her active lifestyle.

Teen Finds Relief Through Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hyperhidrosis, a condition that results in excessive sweating, caused daily problems for young Ashley. Thoracic surgeon Mark Ferguson, MD, treated Ashley's condition using a minimally invasive approach performed with thin instruments.


Robotics Aid Surgeons in Operating Room
Chicago resident Christine Fulara, 70, had a cancer-bearing kidney removed at the University of Chicago Medicine in 2002. She went home two days after the surgery and was out walking four days later -- trying to convince her doubting neighbors that she really did have major surgery.

Pediatric Urology


Robotic Surgery Corrects VUR in Young Girl: Parents Find Compassion, Support and Leading-edge Care at Comer Children’s Hospital
When it came time for their three-year-old daughter, Reese, to have an operation for vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), parents Angela and Tim researched both the traditional open and robot-assisted surgical approaches. They chose robotic surgery because the minimally invasive technique offered the most benefits. They came to Mohan S. Gundeti, MD, because he was the “go-to person” for the procedure.

Justin Ham

Robot-Assisted Surgery Repairs Complex Kidney Condition in Teen
When Justin Ham was diagnosed with a complex case of ureteropelvic junction obstruction and horseshoe kidney, his parents searched for a surgeon who was skilled in minimally invasive urologic surgery. Their search brought them to Mohan S. Gundeti, MD, director of pediatric urology. Dr. Gundeti successfully treated Justin's conditions using a robot-assisted approach, which resulted in a faster recovery and minimal scarring.


Robotic Surgery Helps Girl With Neurogenic Bladder
Soon after Aaliyah Dellar was born, her bladder stopped growing. She was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder, a condition that caused an uncomfortable feeling that she always had to urinate. Aaliyah needed surgery to treat the embarrassing condition that was interfering with her life. Rather than operate through a long, 6-inch incision, Mohan S. Gundeti, MD, treated the problem with robotic surgery, an advanced surgical method that left only tiny scars.


University of Chicago Physician Spares Children Post-Surgical Pain and Complications with Robotic Approach to Common Problem
Kyle Loess, age 5, was born with swelling in the urine-collecting structures of his kidneys, known as hydronephrosis, as well as vesicoureteral reflux and ureterocele, a bulbous dilation of the lower end of the ureter. Robotic surgery to correct his condition spared Kyle from more invasive, open surgery.


Five-Year-Old Boy Becomes First in World to Undergo Minimally Invasive Procedure
Graham Ahmad was born with Prune Belly Syndrome, a rare condition marked by urinary tract abnormalities, undescended testicles and other complications. Recurring urinary tract infections and scarring in his kidneys meant he needed surgery. But instead of performing the surgery via a long incision, Graham's surgeon, Mohan S. Gundeti, MD, did the surgery through small incisions, using a robotic approach.

Robotic Surgery Marks Chicago Breakthrough for Pediatric Patients
On Jan. 7, 2008, ten-year-old Jaime Bazan returned to school and sports activities -- a monumental feat considering that only 11 days earlier, he became the first Chicago pediatric patient to undergo robot-assisted urologic surgery.

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