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Why Choose Us for Neurological Care?

Most of our neurologists specialize in a particular disease or category of diseases. This focused specialization enables these physicians to become true experts in managing neurological disorders. Our physicians are particularly adept at diagnosing and treating complex disorders that are often viewed as untreatable elsewhere.

Specialized Care

Our multidisciplinary centers and clinics, which are devoted to specific neurological problems, enable patients and their families to receive specialized care under one roof:

Leading-Edge Research

Because of the University of Chicago Medicine's commitment to conducting research, our patients often have access to new drugs and treatment modalities years before they are widely available elsewhere. Examples of such innovative treatments include:

  • Antegren, a promising new drug for preventing relapse in multiple sclerosis
  • Examination of terbutaline in preventing weakness in myasthenia gravis
  • Use of vagus nerve stimulators for intractable epilepsy
  • Deep brain stimulation of Parkinson's disease and tremors

Many of our neurologists are supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health for their basic research work on various neurological diseases, including Parkinson's disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and peripheral neuropathy.

Diagnostic Expertise

The advanced diagnostic tools available here enable our neurologists to better diagnose and define various disorders, which leads to more effective treatments. For instance, sophisticated 3-D imaging techniques--pioneered at the University of Chicago--provide detailed information about the electrical activity inside the brain. This helps our epilepsy experts identify the exact source of seizures--and the best possible treatment.

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