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Brain Stem Tumor Care Gets Professor Back in the Classroom


Movement. Speech. Thought. Senses. With so many vital functions controlled by the brain and nervous system, it's crucial to seek out the finest care when problems arise. At the University of Chicago Medicine, we have assembled a team of neurological experts highly skilled in evaluating and treating even the most complex and challenging nervous system disorders—with and without surgery.

Offering the Full Spectrum of Specialized Care

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Superior Surgical Outcomes & Techniques

david frim in surgeryWhen surgery is needed, high-precision surgical planning technology enables our neurosurgeons to perform complex brain operations without destroying vital brain functions. Our neurosurgeons are pioneers in minimally invasive surgery, and offer this approach for the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, from neck and spine problems to hydrocephalus and brain tumors.

Our surgical outcomes are among the best in the nation, with a recent University HealthSystem Consortium report ranking our neurosurgery program's risk-adjusted mortality rate the best in the region and second out of 105 academic medical centers in the United States.

Family-Centered Care in a State-of-the-Art Hospital

The Center for Care and Discovery is the new home for neuroscience care at the University of Chicago Medicine. Opened in February 2013, this advanced hospital brings together the best minds in medicine and research, aided by the latest technology. In addition, the facility is designed for family-centered care and improved communication among all members of a patient's care team. Neurosciences facilities in the Center for Care and Discovery include two neuroangiography suites, leading-edge surgical suites, a neuro-intensive care unit, and dedicated inpatient rooms.

Hope for Complex Cases

Christopher Gomez, MDOur physicians have demonstrated particular expertise in helping patients considered untreatable at other hospitals. We regularly care for children and adults with rare and chronic conditions, and offer a holistic approach to care that takes into account the physical and emotional challenges of nervous system disease.

Dedicated Neuro-Intensive Care Unit

The University of Chicago Medicine is home to one of the nation's few fully equipped and staffed neuro-intensive care units. Our Neuro ICU provides the highest level of care for acute stroke patients as well as difficult cases that require more than routine neurological care, such as people with life-threatening brain infections, persistent seizures, and brain and spinal cord injuries. The Neuro ICU is equipped with the latest technology, including continuous brain wave monitoring and portable CT imaging. It's location near the neurosciences inpatient rooms facilitates collaboration and patient-centered care.

Research that Leads to Better Care

Our doctors are actively involved in national and international trials of the most promising therapies for neurological diseases. Behind the scenes, University of Chicago physicians and scientists conduct vital research that delves into the causes and workings of specific neurologic disorders with a goal of finding more effective treatments for chronic and complex conditions. As a result, our patients have access to new therapies long before they are widely available.