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Our Neurointerventional Surgery Team

Neurointerventional surgery (interventional neuroradiology) team

The University of Chicago Medicine neurointerventional surgery team provides consultations for adults and children. Our team is comprised of specialists with extensive training and experience in neurointerventional surgical care, including advanced practice nurses, registered nurses and radiology technologists. The team is led by highly regarded University of Chicago physicians with proven expertise.

Seon-Kyu Lee, MD, PhD, is the director of neurointerventional surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine. With extensive experience in all aspects of neurointerventional surgical procedures, he is a recognized expert in the field. In addition to providing the highest level of care for his patients, Dr. Lee participates in national and international clinical trials focused on improving strategies for stroke management.

Gregory A. Christoforidis, MD, is an interventional neuroradiologist and the section chief of neuroradiology at the University of Chicago Medicine. He has expertise in all types of diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology procedures. Dr. Christoforidis is investigating the formation, maturation and roles of certain blood vessels in acute ischemic stroke brain tissues.

Carolina Zanevchic, RN, APN, specializes in neurointerventional surgical care. She facilitates comprehensive care for patients in neurointerventional surgery.

Renee Pucikmaisura, RN, has special training in neurointerventional surgical care, and serves as the lead registered nurse on the team.

Steward (Stew) Thomas, RT, MBA, serves as the lead neurointerventional radiology technologist, and manager of the neurointerventional surgery team.