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Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

The University of Chicago Medicine has expertise in treating obesity and metabolic disorders. We offer the following services and programs:

  • Chicago Weight, a comprehensive weight management program for adults. This program helps patients manage excess weight through nutritional and physical activity counseling, psychological and lifestyle counseling, medication, and/or surgery.
  • Center for the Surgical Treatment of Obesity, a surgical weight loss program. This program is one of the few in the country -- and the only in the Midwest -- that offers all four major surgical options for the treatment of severe obesity using minimally invasive techniques.
  • Center for Endoscopic Treatment of Obesity, a non-surgical weight loss program. This program currently offers multiple, minimally invasive endoscopic procedures for primary weight loss, as well as options for patients who have experienced weight re-gain after prior bariatric surgery. Through our program, we are currently the only institution in Chicago offering the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and access to a clinical trial for a new weight loss balloon.