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Center for Endoscopic Treatment of Obesity

At the University of Chicago Medicine, we partner with our patients who are struggling with weight and provide them with a non-surgical program that uses endoscopic therapies as a powerful tool to (facilitate or enhance) weight loss. Though it is not a cure for obesity, when used properly, endoscopy can provide an effective way to achieve sustained weight loss, with patients averaging between 8 percent to nearly 20 percent of their total body weight.

As the only program in Chicago currently offering endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, our Center for the Endoscopic Treatment of Obesity offers patients the latest treatments for non-surgical weight loss. In addition to performing a wide variety of procedures to best meet our patients' needs, we also offer our patients access to clinical trials, enabling them to benefit from novel treatment solutions not yet widely available on the market.

What is Endoscopic Therapy?

Endoscopic therapy uses flexible scopes that are introduced into natural body openings (such as the mouth/throat) without requiring an incision. These endoscopes are often used with both traditional open and minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and/or treat conditions. This allows patients to heal more quickly, with less pain, so they can return to normal activities faster.

The University of Chicago Medicine has a highly specialized interventional endoscopy program, the Center for Endoscopic Research and Therapeutics (CERT), which ranks among the top in the country as a leader in progressive treatment techniques. The Center for Endoscopic Treatment of Obesity is part of our greater CERT program, bringing that same expertise and innovation to help manage obesity.

Benefits of Endoscopic Obesity Treatment

There are several options for patients who are considering assistance with weight loss, and its important to know what procedures are available and what you can expect. Patients who choose to use endoscopic weight loss techniques have several advantages over alternative weight-loss options, such as:

  • Faster recovery, most patients go home either the same day or the following day after the procedure.
  • Incision free, endoscopy is performed by inserting the scope through the mouth and into the stomach.
  • Reversible, during endoscopy, physicians do not permanently remove or rearrange any part of the intestinal tract.
  • Improved co-morbidities, studies have shown that having weight loss endoscopy can reduce health risks associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, sleep apnea and acid reflux.

A Truly Comprehensive Approach to Care

The partnership we form with our patients goes far beyond performing these procedures. We work with our patients to make healthier choices, providing guidance on dietary and lifestyle changes, and where applicable, the use of nutritional supplements. Our recommendations are tailored to each individual patient.

Lifestyle changes could include regular exercise containing both aerobic and resistance components to maximize a patient's potential. Our dietician ensures our patients receive adequate protein and nutritional intake to enhance their prolonged success and minimize the risk of developing a nutritional deficiency.

The key to our success is maintaining long-term relationships with our patients. This allows us to identify and treat any issues or concerns before they become more severe and difficult to manage.