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Endoscopic Weight Loss Procedures We Offer

Intragastric Balloon (IGB)

Often referred to as the “weight loss balloon,” these durable, saline-filled, silicone balloons are temporarily placed in your stomach for six to eight months to promote healthy weight loss. The shape and volume of the stomach balloon (about the size of a grapefruit) takes up approximately one-third of the space in your stomach and helps you adapt to smaller portion sizes. With this technology patients can experience up to three times the weight loss of diet and exercise alone.

In order to provide our patients with the most advanced care, the University of Chicago Medicine is participating in clinical trials, including a weight loss balloon trial that we are currently enrolling patients in. Patients who are interested in pursing weight loss balloons should talk to their physician about qualifying for or getting more information about this clinical trial.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (also known as an endoscopic stomach sleeve) is a procedure similar to gastric sleeve surgery, but is non-surgical. The entire procedure is done through the mouth without requiring an incision. Using this technique, your physician reduces the size and volume of your stomach to much less than its original capacity. Unlike surgical procedures, the endoscopic sleeve is reversible and can be redone if a patient needs their stomach to be resized again. Sleeve gastroplasty offers a safe, effective alternative for patients who are not ideal candidates for surgery, or who prefer a non-surgical solution.

With only a few physicians in the country performing the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, the University of Chicago Medicine is the only hospital offering this option in the Chicago. If you and your physician decide this is the right procedure to meet your weight loss goals, you can feel confident that you have partnered with experts who have the skill and experience you can trust.

Aspiration Therapy with AspireAssist

Aspiration therapy with the AspireAssist is a new, FDA-approved weight loss solution that reduces the calories absorbed by the body, allowing you to make progressive, healthy changes to your lifestyle. With AspireAssist, a small tube is placed in your stomach that allows you to aspirate (or evacuate) up to 30 percent of a meal after eating, preventing those calories from being absorbed into the body and resulting in weight loss.

Secondary Therapies for Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

Although bariatric surgery is often a highly effective tool for weight loss, sometimes patients experience weight re-gain. If this occurs, endoscopic bariatric therapies, including endoscopic suturing, are available to help patients by non-surgically reducing the size of their residual stomach or surgical connection site to assist in losing weight that has been regained.

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