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Why Choose Us for Cervical Insufficiency Treatment?

Mandy and Aubrey Polatty Mandy Polatty gave birth to Aubrey after having a transabdominal cerclage procedure at the University of Chicago Medicine. » Read Mandy's story

Excellent Outcomes with Transabdominal Cerclage

Gynecologic surgeon Arthur Haney, MD, has one of the highest success rates in performing transabdominal cerclage (TAC) for the treatment of cervical insufficiency. Dr. Haney's patients have excellent outcomes without requiring bed rest.

Internationally Known Expert

Doctors from around the world view Dr. Haney as a leader in the placement of transabdominal cerclage. Named as one of "Chicago’s Top Doctors" in Chicago magazine, Dr. Haney has decades of experience performing transabdominal cerclage surgeries. He cares for patients who come to Chicago from both coasts -- and everywhere in between.

High Volumes

Dr. Haney performs more than 60 transabdominal cerclage procedures in a year -- likely more than any other doctor in the United States. In total, he has performed more than 500 transabdominal cerclage procedures.

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