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Why Choose Us for Osteoporosis Care?

Our Experts

Members of our world-renowned team of endocrinologists specialize in osteoporosis and bone disease. They provide individualized treatment plans to suit the specific needs of each patient. Because these University of Chicago physicians have been actively involved in the research leading to the development of many new drugs, they are particularly well qualified to help each patient choose the best medication and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics

The University of Chicago Medicine's bone mineral density testing facility uses the state-of-the-art DEXA system. This measurement is the best way to identify people who have increased risk of fracture before they break a bone. Our testing methods are used for research studies with meticulous quality control and reproductibility. Consequently, relatively small changes in bone density can be detected and treatment is adjusted accordingly.

Technician in the lab.

Our mineral laboratory provides measurements of minerals, hormones, vitamins, and bone biochemical markers in the blood and urine. These measurements help our endocrinologists diagnose the types of bone disease present and monitor the effects of treatment.

Multidisciplinary Care

The University of Chicago Medicine staffs highly skilled physical therapists who have a special interest in osteoporosis. This is very important because patients with osteoporosis have increased bone fragility and require a special therapeutic approach not always found in general physical therapy departments. Our physical therapists are available to meet individually to assist patients with the development of personalized exercise programs.

Diet is an essential element of bone health. Because of this, we offer the expertise of nutritionists who can help osteoporosis patients develop dietary regimens that include sufficient amounts of calcium and other nutrients while avoiding food items that cause bone loss.

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