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Patient Stories: Pelvic Floor Disorders

Bonnie Fulgham and Dr. Sandra Valaitis

A Complicated Fix: Team of Pelvic Surgery Experts Helps Woman Reclaim Her Health
After undergoing a laparoscopic partial hysterectomy at another hospital, Bonnie Fulgham was blindsided by resulting complications, including two vaginal fistulas. At the Center for Pelvic Health, our team's expertise and collaboration were essential to helping her achieve the best possible recovery. With strong faith, support and optimism, Fulgham endured a complex treatment process, emerging with gratitude and an inspiring testimony.

Penelope Kausal and Dr. Greg Bales

Urinary Incontinence: Not Just a Normal Part of Women’s Aging
For Penelope Kausal, what began as "a tiny bit of leakage" in her early 30s evolved into a more serious case of urinary incontinence as she grew older. For many years, Kausal, now 68, assumed the incontinence was just a normal part of aging. The mother of five turned to University of Chicago urologist Gregory Bales, MD, who surgically restored her bladder to its proper position by supporting it with a urethral sling. "I just feel so much more comfortable about routine activities and being in public," said Kausal.