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Costs of Aesthetic Surgery

What Are the Costs of Aesthetic Surgery?

Aesthetic surgery costs include a surgeon's fee, an anesthesia fee, and a facility fee. The surgeon's fee is calculated by the procedure(s) planned. The anesthesia fee is based upon the type of anesthesia (local/standby or general) and the total duration of surgery. The facility fee is determined by where the surgery is performed (i.e. office, day surgery, or main hospital operating room) and whether or not an overnight stay is required.

At the University of Chicago, the total costs of aesthetic surgery vary with the type and complexity of the surgery performed. It is, therefore, difficult for the University of Chicago Medicine to provide an estimate over the telephone. Fees as well as payment options will be discussed at the time of your initial consultation.

Will Insurance Cover the Costs of Aesthetic Surgery?

Most aesthetic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance and the costs must be paid by you prior to your surgery. Certain types of aesthetic surgery procedures may be employed to treat conditions resulting in "functional" impairment. For example, if the upper eyelids droop excessively and obstruct vision, blepharoplasty may be covered by your insurance company.

In other cases, aesthetic surgery may be combined with surgical procedures that are covered by insurance. In these situations, your insurance company will determine the percentage of the total costs of surgery that are non-cosmetic and reimburse for this amount with the remainder of the costs prepaid by you. Our patient coordinator will discuss these issues with you prior to surgery and assist you in communicating with your insurance company to determine possible coverage benefits.

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