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Your Initial Office Visit

What Can I Expect During My First Office Visit?

You should plan to spend about 60 minutes in the office during your initial visit at the University of Chicago medical campus. After a thorough history and physical examination, your surgeon will discuss your particular concerns. You will be asked questions about your reasons for wanting change and the expectations and personal goals you hope to achieve. Your surgeon will outline the various treatment options, his opinion as to the results that could be achieved with treatment, and the potential risks and complications.

During the initial consultation, photographs are usually taken. These are an important aspect of aesthetic surgery planning and documentation, and will become part of your confidential office record.

Following the initial office visit, you may have additional questions about the recommended treatment. Please feel free to call us or set up a follow-up appointment. In addition, our office staff will provide you with patient information brochures that address aesthetic surgery procedures in which you are particularly interested. Please take time to read these as they contain much useful information. You may also wish to view a videotape on a specific aesthetic surgery procedure.

It is often helpful to discuss aesthetic surgery with your spouse, a close friend, or family member. Because this is such a personal option, however, it is essential that you alone make the final decision to proceed with surgery.

It is important to us that you fully understand all aspects of your surgery beforehand and are committed to and comfortable with the proposed treatment. Please feel free to schedule additional office visits, if you desire. There is no charge for pre-operative visits within the first year following your initial consultation.

How Can I Best Benefit from My Initial Visit?

To maximize the outcome of your initial office visit, think of specific questions or concerns you have about your particular aesthetic surgery procedure. Jot down your questions and bring them with you. If you like certain features of individuals whom you have seen in photos or magazines, show them to your surgeon so that he may have a better understanding of the particular goals you have in mind. Together with the surgeon, you can set realistic expectations. It is helpful to bring an interested spouse or friend with you. Often, a patient, during the initial interview, may become preoccupied with the examination or other aspects of the visit and miss important details of what was actually discussed during the consultation. Having an interested "third-party" with you provides an excellent source of information following the visit.

The following suggestions will make your visit both informative and productive:

Questions to ask yourself before the visit:

  • Which areas of my face or body are of the most concern to me?
  • What aspects do I like?
  • What do I particularly dislike?
  • What would I like changed?
  • Why, at this time in my life, am I seeking a change in my appearance?
  • How will a change in my appearance affect my life?
  • How will a change in my appearance affect my family, friends, and associates?

Things to consider bringing with you to your first appointment:

  • A list of questions
  • Photographs of individuals having features you like
  • An interested spouse or friend
  • Information about your past medical history, including:
    • Illnesses
    • Hospitalizations
    • Previous surgeries
    • Medical conditions
    • Medications
    • Drug allergies
    • Name and address of your personal physician