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Cold Hand Clinic: Our Team

With combined expertise in surgery and rheumatology, the Cold Hand Clinic physician team provides comprehensive assessment and care for cold hands syndrome. Our surgeons specialize in hand care, hand surgery, microsurgery, and reconstructive surgery.


Lawrence Zachary, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery

Hand Therapy

The hand therapy team is comprised of skilled occupational therapists, including certified hand therapists (CHT), with expertise in upper extremity rehabilitation. In the Cold Hand Clinic, hand therapists work collaboratively with physicians to provide the best possible care for vascular disorders of the hand.

The hand therapy team plays an instrumental role in maintaining and restoring hand functionality, and providing post-surgical rehabilitation care. The team's primary focus is on preserving quality of life for patients who experience pain, weakness, or other difficulty when trying to perform daily activities. By providing effective care and education, hand therapists help patients condition their hands to perform as many daily activities as possible.

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