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Our Physician Team

Asthma and COPD Center

Our asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) experts collaborate with other skilled specialists, including primary care physicians, emergency medicine physicians, pulmonary nurses, basic and clinical research scientists, respiratory therapists, social workers and experts in education, tobacco cessation and environmental studies. Through multidisciplinary teamwork, we provide specialized care to help you manage asthma and COPD.

Maria Dowell, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

D. Kyle Hogarth, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Aliya Husain, MD
Professor of Pathology

John McConville, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Babak Mokhlesi, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director, Sleep Disorders Center
Director, Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program

Edward T. Naureckas, MD
Professor of Medicine

Christopher 'Sola Olopade, MD, MPH
Professor of Family Medicine and Medicine

Valerie Press, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate of Medicine
Hospitalist Scholar

Julian Solway, MD
Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Mary E. Strek, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Respiratory Clinical Research

Steven White, MD
Professor of Medicine