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HIPEC Is a One-Two Punch Against Abdominal Cancer

Surgeons in surgeryThe University of Chicago Medicine is one of the nation's premier destinations for advanced surgery. Our team of internationally known surgeons includes experts in every surgical specialty. Here, we provide the most effective treatments that also preserve quality of life, including sophisticated robot-assisted procedures that reduce recovery time and minimize scarring. We pioneered limb- and organ-sparing surgical techniques for a range of conditions, from bone cancers to inflammatory bowel disease. Our surgeons are often among the first to perform operations that later become the standard of care elsewhere.
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Leading-Edge Surgical Suites in a State-of-the-Art Hospital

The 21 operating rooms at the University of Chicago Medicine are located in the Center for Care and Discovery. Opened in February 2013, the hospital features surgical suites with robotic and hybrid capabilities. This technologically advanced platform enables our surgeons to bring the most innovative treatments to more patients. 

Specialized Surgical Care

Surgeons at the University of Chicago Medicine campus typically subspecialize to provide focused care. This means that in virtually any surgical specialty, there is a surgeon who has expertise in the surgical care of a specific organ, disease type, or surgical technique. With specialization, surgeons are more likely to have higher case volumes for a particular type of surgery. Studies show that higher case volumes translate to better outcomes.

Helping Patients Understand Treatment Options

Valluvan Jeevanandam, MD, with patientAs an academic medical center, education is a core part of our mission. We're committed to ensuring patients and their families are fully informed about treatment options. We encourage patients to ask questions.  Our goal is to provide thoughtful, unbiased recommendations and to engage patients in their care.

Recognized Experts in Minimally Invasive Surgery

University of Chicago surgeons are leaders in minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery--approaches performed through tiny incisions. Minimally invasive surgery offers several benefits compared to traditional open surgery, including less pain, shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery times, and minimal scarring.

Dana Suskind, MD, with patientSurgical Care for All Ages

From infants to older adults, we provide age-appropriate surgical care. Our pediatric surgeons plan surgeries with kids' growth and development in mind, and often use minimally invasive techniques to speed recovery. Just as we provide special expertise in pediatric surgery, we are frequently able to provide surgical solutions for  older adults who have been turned down for treatment at other hospitals.