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At the Forefront of Surgical Care

At the University of Chicago Medicine, our surgeons are constantly looking for new and better ways to perform surgery. From complex brain or advanced robotic-assisted operations to more common outpatient procedures, our surgeons offer the latest advances in virtually all types of surgical care for adults and children. Our highly skilled surgeons work closely with other acclaimed University of Chicago specialists, including anesthesiologists, nurses, and technicians.

Below are just a few highlights of our surgical services for adults and children:

A Leader in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

The University of Chicago Medicine surgical program has been recognized as a leader in minimally invasive surgery, the practice of performing surgical procedures through tiny cuts rather than long incisions. Minimally invasive surgery offers many benefits over traditional techniques, including reduced recovery time, less pain, fewer complications, and minimal scarring. Recently, we received a multi-year grant from U.S. Surgical Corporation to establish the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Excellence. This funding will enable our surgeons to offer more advanced surgical options, often before they are available at other hospitals.

Recognized Experts in Surgical Oncology

Our surgeons play a key role in the University of Chicago's comprehensive cancer care program, ranked among the best in the nation by U.S.News & World Report. Many cancer patients considered "untreatable" at other institutions have found the care they need at the University of Chicago.

Premier Transplant Program

The University of Chicago Medicine offers one of the nation's premier transplant programs. Our surgeons regularly perform life-saving procedures in adults and children, including liver, kidney, heart, lung, bowel, and pancreas transplantation. In addition, our renowned specialists have performed breakthrough multiple organ transplants, including triple organ procedures.

Specialized Expertise in Pediatric Surgery

The University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital is staffed by surgeons who specialize in the surgical care of infants and children. These specialists offer a wide range of services, including treatment of congenital defects, cancer care, transplantation and treatment of traumatic injuries.

Notable Firsts

Some important breakthroughs in surgical care happened at the University of Chicago. For example, the University of Chicago Medicine was the first hospital in the United States to offer living-donor liver transplantation. A University of Chicago cardiac surgeon was the first in the world to successfully implant the CardioVAD, a revolutionary mechanical device that boosts the pumping action of failing hearts.

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